Google Officially Announces Scrapping of Old Search Console Features

Google has been testing a few new Search Console features for some time and it seems like they are now buckled up for a drastic change.

According to an official blog post published by Google’s Hillel Maoz of the Search Console team, a few familiar features will bid adieu when Google revamps its Search Console by the end of March 2019.

Scrapping of Old Search Console Features

The new feature additions to the Search Console aim at improving some of the popular properties the webmasters use.

In addition to this, Google also says that some features of the old Search Console have become obsolete and webmasters don’t use them any longer.

The revamp will have these features removed completely or replaced with an improved version.

Here are some of the upcoming changes in Search Console that Google will roll out in March:

Crawl Error ReportCrawl Error Report

The upcoming Google Search Console update will improve the crawl error report. Google says it’s getting incessant negative feedback from webmasters regarding their inability to fix most of the errors shown in the crawl errors.

According to Google, the updated version of this feature will be more focused on the issues and patterns used while indexing.

The proposed change will help webmasters fix the issues much faster and they can also request for a quick reprocessing.

The new update will also pull the plug from the old Crawl Errors report – for Desktop, Smartphone, and site-wide errors.

Sitemaps Data New Feature Rich Sitemap Data

It’s also time to forget the old sitemaps report as Google plans to add a few advanced features to the new version with reports on images and videos as new additions.

Also, the new feature-rich sitemap data will make it easier for the webmasters to filter out the URLs that they focus on. This feature is already available in the Index Coverage report of the new Search Console.

Fetch as Google Fetch as Google feature

The Fetch as Google feature from the old search console, which was one of the most used features by webmasters will get a fresh name and life as a URL inspection tool in the new Search Console.

The updated tool will give webmasters the details of indexed pages and in addition to this, Google recently added a new property to check the live URL.

Above all, submitting the URL to re-process new data will remain the core functionality of the URL inspection tool.

The URL Inspection tool has already become popular among the Updated Search Console users, as it provides more advanced data than the old Fetch as Google.


Managing users has always been a pain in the old search console. The clutter in the interface contributed to the confusion.

Now, Google says that it has fixed the issue as the user management option has been added to the Settings section of the new search console. This means the old user-management feature in the old Search Console will die soon.

Structured Data Dashboard 

Last year, Google had introduced a new structured data feature on its new search console to give users insights on how their Rich Results are performing. Google also included dedicated reports per vertical, be it Jobs, Recipes, Events or Q&As.

The latest news is that the search giant will remove all the not-supported Rich Results features, from the Console.

According to Google, the new move will reduce the distraction of webmasters on fixing issues that don’t make any changes in how the site is displayed on the SERP.

Letting go of some old features

Google also says in the blog post that it’s forced to let go of some of the features that webmasters may still find useful.

The highlight is the HTML suggestion that helps webmasters filter out duplicate titles.

Even though Google says it’s important to ensure there are no duplicate titles, it recommends using other tools that can crawl websites to check duplicate titles & descriptions.List Of Search Console Features

Another feature that Google will remove from its new iteration of the Search Console is the Property Sets. This feature enabled users to group up to 200 properties into a single aggregate but according to Google, it’s “hard to justify maintaining this feature.”

However, Google has also announced that it will soon launch a new feature that will enable websites owners to manage all the properties that come under one domain.

In addition to this, the Firebase console will replace the Android Apps. It also says that most of the features in Android Apps have been moved to the Firebase.

Here is the complete list of Search Console features that will be revamped by the end of March. 


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