Google Updates Search Console Beta Index Coverage Report

Did you notice a new update notification in the beta version of the Google search console?

If you have, don’t assume that it’s a notification about the new broad core algorithm update that was launched by Google last week.

Starting early this week, webmasters across the world have started noticing an update icon on the Index Coverage section of the new Google search console beta.

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What caused the confusion among the webmasters?

After Google confirmed that it had launched a broad core algorithm update, many connected the notification in the search console with the Google algorithm update, that started rolling out early last week.

Google gave a confusing title to the notification that read, “Google Search Update.”

The content inside the notification says, “An event has occurred in Google Search that might affect your site’s data.”

Screenshot of Index Coverage in New Search Console

Since the details in the Search Console was inadequate to understand the real intent of the update, many mistook it for the broad core algorithm.

Google had a link to the “Data anomalies” section of Webmaster support to the bottom of the notification.

Since the title read “Google Search Update” many webmasters took it for granted and thought Google was speaking about the broad core algorithm.

The details mentioned in webmasters support, clearly state that the update mentioned in the new search console is about Index Coverage report and has nothing to do with the latest Google Algorithm update.

Here is what Google says about the new update notification in Search Console Beta.

The notification in Webmaster support reads, “The Index Coverage report switched to a new, more accurate system.

Because of this, you may see changes in your reported index coverage. This does not reflect any changes in your site, but a more accurate accounting system.”

Notification In Search Console Beta

“The system switch began on July 14th and finished on August 1st, during which we were not able to record index coverage data.

Index coverage data between July 14th to August 1st was estimated from the known August 1st values.”

According to top webmasters, it’s ideal to ignore the Index coverage data mentioned in the new search console of Google due to the changes of discrepancies.

If you look carefully into the data graph, you can see a sudden increase in the graph. This is the result of Google’s new, more accurate system for reporting Index Coverage.


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