Structured Data: What is it and How to Use it for SEO

By:  Samridhi Bhatia

September 1, 2022

When it comes to boosting the rankings of your website, it sometimes happens that you think that the marketers and the web developers are communicating in another language. Well, they actually are.

There are numerous efforts required for web development and SEO, and this is mainly true with structured data. Since around 2011, most websites are missing this opportunity of optimizing their website.

This is because they don’t understand this, for this reason, they can’t implement it.

An Introduction to Structured Data

Structured data is data, which is well-organized by considering the given schema for a set of the structure. It’s a data that gives you a proper set of a pattern for organizing the content on your website in a way expected by search engines. This is known as rich snippets. When your website shows up on a search result, it will contain structured information in the snippet that will make it stand out for the websiy=ites that have not implemented structured data yet. Having structured data can increase the value of your website to the users.

Such a pattern or structure of data is usually defined by Now you must be wondering, what is Well, it’s one of the schemas of structured data that’s contributed by the top search engines like Google.

There’s the distinct schema that varies with the content type. The content you’re going to publish could be simple text, a video, an image, an article, or many others, and this comes as a part of your website.

Schema for Structured Data

Structured data is a markup, using which you can easily share the information available on a particular page of your website.

There are various types of structured data for organizations, products, events, movies, and others. Some of them are as follows:

  • Twitter Cards
  • Pinterest rich pins
  • AMP structured data
  • Rich snippets of reviews and star ratings

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This data can help the social media sites, or the search engines to learn how you want to display the information of your website, or what image you want search engines to fetch from your site.

All you need to do is to add the related structure on a particular content you need to share. In addition to this, you need to add the available properties in your HTML tags (or structure).

Structured Data for Google

A computer program can understand three different languages, and we are considering Google. So, for Google, the three ways are:

  • Microdata: From World Wide Web Consortium, in short say W3C, it’s one of the means of structuring the elements. This you can do by providing more information to the element itself.
  • Microformats: Microformats are for adding the semantics to the HTML’s markup tags, which provides you with the metadata, additionally.
  • RDFa: RDFa stands for the Resource Description Framework in Attributes. This adds a set of extensions of attributes-level to HTML, XHTML, or XML based documents. In the case of Google, it highly understands the structures or the property set, which are provided by

Why is Structured Data important for your site

Structured data helps a lot in the appearance of your website in the search result. In addition to this, assists in the efforts for the search engine optimization.

Instead, you wait for the search engines to crawl your site and understand it, you can use structured data to let the search engines directly learn about your website.

Importance of Structured Data

The search engine also understands your website better; since each code of your website means something to them.

Instead of indexing your website on the basis of keywords and content only, search engines make links with your structure data that would help you in improving the rankings.

Structured data is essential because this is the thing that will rank by Google easily. Not only this, you can make a snippet of content using the structured data.

Making the snippet, you can choose to display the Google advertisement or the search results.

Read the entire post to understand some other benefits of using structured data!

1. Better Understanding of the content

With the use of structured data, it becomes easy for Google to understand the content of your website.

2. Improved chances of better CTR

It’s better to understand the core description of the links asked by the users on the search engines because the data in your website is structured and properly organized. This would improve the CTR of your website.

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3. Useful for Developers

If you’re a programmer or a developer, it’s easier for you to understand the code, if the content on your website is a structured one.

4. Helps in customizing your PPC Searched Ads

With the help of structured data on your website, you can easily customize the PPC search ads.

5. Ads Automation

All those keywords that you’ve used in your website’s structured data, it would help you in automating the creation of the customizable advertisements on your site. These ads will be completely relevant to your website.

Ads Automation with website’s structured data

If you’ve added the keywords in structured data, then you can add them to the settings.
This would result in displaying the ads based on the relevancy, according to the keywords.


From the above post, you can easily conclude that the structured data will never lose its place. Its importance is vast. Structured Data is worthwhile for most people to implement for search engine optimization.

It’s true that it’s validation is not immediate. For this reason, it’s an SEO play from mid to long term. Although, machine learning has taken over the core algorithm, and structured data is in the lead.


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